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What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence or BI as many also call it, is a term we use about a program or tool, that enables you to pull data from a data warehouse, using advanced data mining algoritms. The software then display these data on your screen, in a way that makes sense. Something the raw data often doesn’t. The datamining system uses the datawarehouse to find hidden patterens in the data, organize everything nicely and enabling you to drill down in the various information, finding what you need with ease.

Why use business Intelligence?

One of the most common uses for BI software, is the so called decision support systems. A decision support system (also named DSS) is a tool which enables you to make the best possible decisions, based on the data on your screen, rather than just taking guesses based on what you think might be the best idea. For instance, as a manager of a company, you might be wondering if you should fire some guys in the production line, or instead hire some additional staff for the sales department. Using a DSS system you can easily modify the data on your screen and instantly see what effect it causes. If we look at the example above, you should be able to see if you fire 2 guys in product, your would save the wages of 2 person pr. months and that’s it. Should you instead hire 2 more for your sales staff you would be paying the wages of 2 more instead. But at the same time you would increase your sales with 10% which would earn you 3 times as much as those addition people costs, making this the best choose.

Which BI system should you choose?

Choosing the right Business Intelligence System is always a tough choice. Especially if you are not an expert in BI or OLAP tools already. There are the program from SAS, the Oracle and the always popular microsoft business intelligence software, but my favorite BI Tool are the Targit BI Suite which offers all the features of the other systems but at a far lower price and it’s much simpler to use also. The second best would be the Microsoft business intelligence system, which is a little more expensive that the one from Targit, but offers pretty much the same features, some of the things just takes a little longer to set up and it got a few addition database functions which some people might find useful. Some who already own an advanced ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics Nav may consider choosing a BI system that is easy to integrate into their existing ERP system.

Who uses Business Intelligence?

Almost all of the larger companies today uses some kind of business intelligence system. Among some of the companies using BI are John Deere, Q8, Microsoft, PC mall, Starbucks and more others. By using these kind of tools you can get an edge over your competitors by know what effect small changes to your company or product line will be likely to have, spot customer trends in advance and more other advantages. I will in one of my next articles take a closer look at which companies who might benefit from a BI system. But a lot of people mainly use it for repoting and dashboard overviews in order to get a quick update of how everything is performing.

The uses of business intelligence software