Improving bio fuel with business intelligence.

by Catal Pinar on October 9, 2012

bio fuel by briketterAn area which have made som large progress over the last 5 years are the bio fuel area. Companies like Shell, Briketter, Statoil have all been researching heavily in various types of biofuel in order to meed the demands of their customers and appear more willing to help save the enviroment. Shell has been focusing on things like bio fuel for cars by using various types of animal and plant fats in order to make ethanol which can be used to fuel cars, fireplaces and other carbon depended fuel types. You can read more about Shells Bio Fuel program here at Shell Biofuel.

Another area of biofuel which there have been some major progress is wood briquettes. Now many might ask, what does wooden briquettes have to do with business intelligence? Well according to Jens from Briketter, they have been using advanced BI software to improve the quality of their wood briquettes and get a much higher burn value. They have plugged chemical and physical data of the wood into their business intelligence system and now they can see the effect changing one tiny variable have at once. For instance, adding a new glue, they enter the data for the glue into the system and in a few clicks they can see how this glue will affect the energi production and other factors, without having to actually build it and test it first using BI tools and technics such as brænde. This makes it a lot easier to faster to do improvements to the various briquettes they make. Instead of having to do maybe 10 tests a day, they can now settle with 1-2 tests which save both time and money. You can read alot more about the use of BI to create the perfect wood briquettes here at some of the many online briquette sites like or if you need additional information on this.

Another area where biofuel are used is for fireplaces, especially many of the new fireplaces used in modern homes all around the world. A lot of people won’t bother with cutting wood, bring it home or the mess it normally makes. It’s much easier to just buy a small bottle of bio ethanol and pour it into a container in your fireplace and you got a nice cozy fire without having to even thing about firewood. This is also a pretty good solution for those who live in an appeartment and go no room for storing wood or briquettes at all using things such as briketter or brænde. Especially briketter is a good way of getting some quality firewood which can be used to heat up your room in a cheap and safe way.

There are still at lot of room left for improvements in the area of biofuel, something both Shell, Briketter and statoil are still working on everyday, we expect that in just a few years the efficiency of bio fuel have improved by 20-25% and is something far more people are using. It sure will be very interesting to see where all this goes.

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